Muzzle Brakes

stainless steel muzzle brake
blue brake
Stainless steel brake installed on a #3 contour .300 Wby Mag. rifle Matte blue brake installed along with a banded front sight on a #3 contour .338 Win Mag.

The above images are examples of my muzzle brake installed permanently on the two barrels. I can make variations that can be installed and removed on any rifle or handgun (assuming the front sight can be removed). I also make a variation that is used on varmint rifles that direct gasses to the side and up for prone shooting. I make these in 3/4” diameter (shown) and 7/8” diameter to suit various barrel contours and bore sizes.
Measured recoil reduction in the .30 caliber magnums is 60%. The harder the gun kicks, the better this brake performs!
Muzzle brakes do increase noise to the shooter and others near the firearm. Hearing and eye protection is strongly recommended!
Here is an article written by Norman Johnson for Varmint Hunter Magazine in 2001. The article examines a brake I installed on his 25/06 varmint rifle while I was the managing partner at Oakland Custom Arms. The article cannot be printed or copied as it is copyrighted by Norman E Johnson. Access it HERE

group of muzzle brakes
AR-15 Muzzle Brake
Stainless muzzle brake
AR-15 / M-16 Muzzle Brakes. Machined from 4142 heat treated Chrome-Moly steel. These are threaded 1/2"-28 X .700 long to fit the standard accessory barrel thread. For the 5.56 NATO / .223 Remington caliber barrels. Other thread patterns and calibers are available. The AR-15 / M16 brake features 9 radial slots that direct gasses evenly around the brake stabilizing the barrel and reducing recoil. No crush washer or special orientation is required. Muzzle features an 11 degree crown for improved accuracy. The AR-15 / M16 brake machined from 416 stainless steel.