Custom Barrels and Chambering

Stitt Manufacturing is happy to address your re-barreling needs and requirements. I am equipped to chamber a range of rifle cartridges from .223 Remington through .470 Nitro Express.
I have the tools and machinery necessary to dismount your old barrel, accurize your action, and chamber and fit a new barrel.

However, there are some actions that are not suitable for re-barreling due to weakness, poor heat treat, and a host of other difficulties. I am happy to evaluate your project and advise a course of action that will insure your safety.

Every action has differences in design that require some special accurizing techniques. So, the prices I charge for this service varies depending on the need.

About tooling:
Consumable tooling, reamers, and other supplies are accounted for in the man and machine labor rate that I charge. If you are specifying a SAAMI or CIP standard cartridge, a prorated cost is included in that rate. Special tools, altered reamers, or wildcats are your expense priced at our net cost.

My standard barrel blank is made for me by Shilen Manufacturing. They supply a Select Match grade blank in various contours in Chrome Moly or Stainless Steel in the “white”.
I do not use short chambered and threaded blanks. I prefer to properly fit the barrel to the action with as close a fit as possible. It doesn’t make sense to accurize the action then screw on a loose fitted barrel with a chamber that may or may not be concentric to the receiver axis.
You are welcome to supply your own blank, or specify a barrel maker of your choice. However, be advised, I do not work with Shaw barrels.

I don’t work with used barrels, or factory pulls. The quality and accuracy of such barrels is usually suspect and really not worth the cost and effort expended to find that they don’t group well. That said, I do foreshorten barrels that I supply, to clean up eroded throats. Usually this requirement falls into the varmint hunter class of cartridges and the original barrel is designed to accommodate the fore shortening when the original work is done.

Group Rates:
If you are associated with a group of shooters who wish to exchange fire formed brass among each other, I am willing to set aside a custom chamber reamer for that purpose and chamber each of the rifles to the exact same headspace and chamber dimensions. A group rate discount will apply if the work is all accomplished at one time. Reasonable accommodations for free bore and neck length can be incorporated into the chamber reamer.

Wildcats and Custom Cartridges:
If you need help with cartridge design or recommendations concerning pressure and suitable pressure allowances, I can advise you and provide cartridge and chamber drawings for your tool maker specifying your exact requirements. I recommend Manson Precision Reamers for tools and gauges.