Custom Stocks and Firearms

Below is a gallery of work in progress as well as completed builds. Depending on work load and material availability, delivery can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months.
ruger 6mm right gun stock
ruger 6mm left gun stock
Ruger #1 in 6mm Rem, right side view, oil finished English walnut. The skeleton grip cap will be checkered. A Dakota style buttstock swivel will be installed, and a banded front swivel onto the barrel. Ruger #1 left side view. Only the buttstock will receive checkering. The forend is shaped to the customers hand and features bevels that keep the fingers off the barrel and lock the grip to the forend.
mark x left gun stock
Interarms Mark X 6.5 Creedmoore Claro Walnut with Rosewood tip and grip cap. The stock will receive a simple checkering pattern.
mark x right gun stock
perazzi MX15 left stock perazzi MX15 right stock
Perazzi MX15 unsingle trap stocks. Bastogne walnut, oil finish. Perazzi MX15 opposite side. Both stocks will receive checkering.
ruger 1 300 wby right gun stock ruger 1 300 wby left gun stock
Ruger #1 300 Wby Mag. Bastogne walnut, oil finish. Forend and buttstock feature Dakota style swivels. Ruger #1 opposite side. Both stocks will receive a checkering pattern.
rem 700 gun stock
Remington 700 28 Nosler. Claro walnut with ebony forend tip, skeleton grip cap, dakota style swivels, Pachmayr D752 pad. High gloss oil finish. This stock will have a ribbon style checkering pattern cut in the grips and forend. (In progress)