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Machine Shop Services

Traditionally, when you think of a machine shop you might think about a place where raw metal is converted into a useful metal part. Or you might think about where you can get special car part made and engines rebuilt.
As it relates to firearms manufacturing, a machine shop turns raw metal and wood into finished products.

I don’t stock firearms, ammunition, and accessories, though I can special order just about anything you need. That is not my primary business.

I provide custom gunsmithing and specialty firearms parts for the rifles I build and to other gunsmiths. Below is a general list of the services I provide.


4 Axis CNC Milling Machine

14" X 40" HD Engine Lathe

4 Head Production Drill Press

Single Spindle Gunstock Duplicator

Wood and Metal Saws

MIG Welding equipment

Metal finishing equipment

Complete custom rifles and handguns

Barrel services - Threading, chambering, crowning

Action services: - Lapping lugs and accurizing / blue printing

Stock services - Bedding / free floating, pillar bedding, and recoil pad installation

Stock duplication - Customers pattern or one we create

Stock making – For customers supplied barreled action: trap, skeet, sporting clays, bench rest stocks, hunting and custom rifles (plain, fancy and laminated wood)

Checkering – Wood and metal

Custom gun parts – Banded sights, ribs, swivels. Adjustable comb hardware, adjustable butts, gunstock hardware and similar special parts.

Muzzle brakes

Rust bluing and color case hardening